How to get and evolve Porygon in Pokemon Sword And Shield

How to get Porygon

First, you need an expansion pass for any game to access the Isle of Armor DLC. After completing the final battle of the Isle of Armor's storyline, enter Hyde's room and interact with Porygon hovering near Cram-o-Matic. Hyde will ask if you like virtual Pokemon, and once you answer yes, he will say which type he thinks you are. After the talks excitedly about the virtual Pokemon, Hyde will let you have it. It's that simple.

For those interested, Porygon's Pokedex description reads: "In recent years, this species has been very helpful in cyberspace. These Pokemon will go around checking to make sure no suspicious data exists." This is currently in Pokemon Sword or The only way to get Porygon in Pokemon Shield without swapping one from other pocket monster games that you inevitably play. Hyde's parting word is that he wants you to cherish Porygon because if you do, it will make you better appreciate human ingenuity.

How to evolve Porygon

To evolve from Porygon to Porygon 2, you need to give the virtual Pokemon an Upgrade item to hold and then trade it. You can find one in Training Lowlands, or use Cram-o-Matic to make one, which requires two Pecha Berries and two PP Up.

To evolve Porygon to Porygon-Z, you will need a Dubious Disc item. you can use Cram-o-Matic to make one using a light ball and three wishing films.

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