A Pokemon Sword and Shield player showed his shiny Pokemon

Finding a special color aka "shiny" Pokemon is not easy. In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the player's best chance to find the shining spot comes from repeated battles with the same type of Pokemon or multiple raids against the super-large Dynamax Pokemon.

Even so, the chance of finding Shiny Pokemon is usually only 1-2%. Playing Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield can take dozens of hours to successfully capture a shiny Pokemon, let alone an army. If the shiny Pokemon doesn't hunt them down, it's like what happened to a player. A particularly popular shiny is Gyarados, the first generation of Pokemon that changed from bright blue to bright red.

On the Pokemon Sword and Shield Reddit page, a user showed their collection of shiny Gyarados playing together using the camping feature in the game. The user revealed that they have been collecting shiny Gyarados for four years, storing many of them in the Pokemon Home cloud service, and then transferring them to the latest generation of games. The series initially included more than 15 shiny Gyarados. Given the love shown by Pokemon fans for shiny Gyarados, these deals are likely to be popular.

Fortunately, players who want to have their own shiny Gyarados have a variety of options to get it. Magikarp is an undeveloped form of Gyarados, a common Pokemon in Sword and Shield, and can be found in most games. Shiny Magikarp is also available through the Pokemon GO mobile app, which often appears on rainy days. Most players will also purchase directly through this website https://www.pkmbuy.com/.